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We are a group consisting of families, friends, and parents working together to reach and support families who either are the parent or have a child with a critical or chronic illness.

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Miracle On

Main Street Mile
Let’s show we’re in this together by running together and supporting families in our community battling a critical illness.

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Join us for an “Havana Nights” themed casino night sponsored by M&L Electrical.

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Through a series of personal events, in January 2015- Matt and Danette Idlett brought together a group of our friends and family to form our non-profit Life's Better Together. The hope of our organization is to come together to provide resources to families struggling with childhood illness. Since then we have expanded our reach to include children affected by a parent battling a major health illness. We understand we cannot solve all the problems, but our goal is to help lesson the burden of "every day" responsibilities, thus allowing families to focus on what is most important- the care of their loved one.

OUR MISSION- Life's Better Together's mission is to provide direct financial assistance and support to families with a child or a parent battling an ongoing illness.

OUR SUPPORT- The vision of our support is to pick up where medical insurance ends. In many cases, parents miss large blocks of time from work and may have to travel long distances for medical care. In these, cases we will provide direct financial assistance to families in the areas of: rent, mortgage, utilities, transportation costs, food, etc. After speaking with several families affected by illness about their specifics needs, we realized we must expand services to include non-monetary support such as; yard maintenance, house cleaning, pet sitting, and child care.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: Since the beginning, Life's Better Together's founders have graciously paid 100% of all start-up and ongoing Administrative expenses to date. We have no rent, staff or other costs associated with running our nonprofit. That means every penny donated goes to where it is needed most- the families who are affected by illness.

We are not a large corporation, we simply believe that it is OUR responsibility to help our fellow man. Life's Better Together is guided by the sole principle referenced by Mahatma Gandhi "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

We fully understand that no one can do this without others getting involved and donating. We need volunteers, financial support, as well as people sharing our Facebook page

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